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2008-01-24 22:17
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quix0r 2008-01-24 22:17 Rev.: 3180

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  • 0.2.1/inc/language: .htaccess (del), active_de.php (del), admins_de.php (del), autopurge_de.php (del), bank_de.php (del), beg_de.php (del), birthday_de.php (del), bonus_de.php (del), cache_de.php (del), country_de.php (del), de.php (del), doubler_de.php (del), (del), en.php (del), holiday_de.php (del), html_mail_de.php (del), install_de.php (del), mailid_de.php (del), maintenance_de.php (del), mediadata_de.php (del), mods_de.php (del), newsletter_de.php (del), nickname_de.php (del), online_de.php (del), optimize_de.php (del), order_de.php (del), other_de.php (del), payout_de.php (del), pro_de.php (del), rallye_de.php (del), register_de.php (del), repair_de.php (del), rewrite_de.php (del), support_de.php (del), task_de.php (del), theme_de.php (del), top10_de.php (del), transfer_de.php (del), user_de.php (del), wernis_de.php (del)
quix0r 2008-01-24 01:06 Rev.: 3179

Iinitial import

0 lines of code changed in 40 files:

  • 0.2.1/inc/language: .htaccess (new), active_de.php (new), admins_de.php (new), autopurge_de.php (new), bank_de.php (new), beg_de.php (new), birthday_de.php (new), bonus_de.php (new), cache_de.php (new), country_de.php (new), de.php (new), doubler_de.php (new), (new), en.php (new), holiday_de.php (new), html_mail_de.php (new), install_de.php (new), mailid_de.php (new), maintenance_de.php (new), mediadata_de.php (new), mods_de.php (new), newsletter_de.php (new), nickname_de.php (new), online_de.php (new), optimize_de.php (new), order_de.php (new), other_de.php (new), payout_de.php (new), pro_de.php (new), rallye_de.php (new), register_de.php (new), repair_de.php (new), rewrite_de.php (new), support_de.php (new), task_de.php (new), theme_de.php (new), top10_de.php (new), transfer_de.php (new), user_de.php (new), wernis_de.php (new)
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