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2010-06-20 02:55
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quix0r 2010-06-20 02:55 Rev.: 5030

Delete... (finally, sorry guys for tons of mails. Stupid SVN. :-(

0 lines of code changed in 51 files:

  • branches/0.2.1-FINAL-expression_language_BROKEN/inc/modules/member: .htaccess (del), action- (del), action-account.php (del), action-bank.php (del), action-extras.php (del), action-logout.php (del), action-main.php (del), action-order.php (del), action-rals.php (del), action-stats.php (del), action-surfbar.php (del), action-themes.php (del), what- (del), what-bank_create.php (del), what-bank_deposit.php (del), what-bank_infos.php (del), what-bank_output.php (del), what-bank_withdraw.php (del), what-beg.php (del), what-beg2.php (del), what-bonus.php (del), what-categories.php (del), what-doubler.php (del), what-guest.php (del), what-holiday.php (del), what-html_mail.php (del), what-logout.php (del), what-mydata.php (del), what-newsletter.php (del), what-nickname.php (del), what-order.php (del), what-payout.php (del), what-points.php (del), what-primera.php (del), what-rallyes.php (del), what-refback.php (del), what-reflinks.php (del), what-reflist.php (del), what-sponsor.php (del), what-sponsor_list.php (del), what-stats.php (del), what-support.php (del), what-surfbar_book.php (del), what-surfbar_list.php (del), what-surfbar_start.php (del), what-surfbar_stats.php (del), what-themes.php (del), what-transfer.php (del), what-unconfirmed.php (del), what-welcome.php (del), what-wernis.php (del)
quix0r 2010-05-28 17:58 Rev.: 4971

New (but broken) branch for upcoming expression language refacturing created

0 lines of code changed in 22 files:

  • branches/0.2.1-FINAL-expression_language_BROKEN/inc/modules/member: what-beg2.php (changed), what-bonus.php (changed), what-logout.php (new), what-mydata.php (new), what-order.php (new), what-points.php (new), what-rallyes.php (changed), what-refback.php (new), what-surfbar_list.php (changed), what-transfer.php (changed), what-unconfirmed.php (new)
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