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2010-06-20 02:55
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quix0r 2010-06-20 02:55 Rev.: 5030

Delete... (finally, sorry guys for tons of mails. Stupid SVN. :-(

0 lines of code changed in 70 files:

  • branches/0.2.1-FINAL-expression_language_BROKEN/templates/de/html/ext: .htaccess (del), ext_active.tpl (del), ext_admins.tpl (del), ext_admintheme1.tpl (del), ext_admintheme_default.tpl (del), ext_autopurge.tpl (del), ext_autoreg.tpl (del), ext_bank.tpl (del), ext_beg.tpl (del), ext_birthday.tpl (del), ext_bonus.tpl (del), ext_booking.tpl (del), ext_cache.tpl (del), ext_country.tpl (del), ext_debug.tpl (del), ext_demo.tpl (del), ext_doubler.tpl (del), ext_events.tpl (del), ext_forced.tpl (del), ext_grade.tpl (del), ext_holiday.tpl (del), ext_html_mail.tpl (del), ext_imprint.tpl (del), ext_iso3166.tpl (del), ext_jackpot.tpl (del), ext_lead.tpl (del), ext_logs.tpl (del), ext_mailid.tpl (del), ext_maintenance.tpl (del), ext_mediadata.tpl (del), ext_menu.tpl (del), ext_mods.tpl (del), ext_mydata.tpl (del), ext_network.tpl (del), ext_newsletter.tpl (del), ext_nickname.tpl (del), ext_online.tpl (del), ext_optimize.tpl (del), ext_order.tpl (del), ext_other.tpl (del), ext_partner.tpl (del), ext_payout.tpl (del), ext_politician-stop.tpl (del), ext_primera.tpl (del), ext_profile.tpl (del), ext_rallye.tpl (del), ext_refback.tpl (del), ext_refsell.tpl (del), ext_register.tpl (del), ext_removeip.tpl (del), ext_repair.tpl (del), ext_report.tpl (del), ext_rewrite.tpl (del), ext_safe.tpl (del), ext_seo.tpl (del), ext_sponsor.tpl (del), ext_sql_patches.tpl (del), ext_support.tpl (del), ext_surfbar.tpl (del), ext_task.tpl (del), ext_theme.tpl (del), ext_top10.tpl (del), ext_transfer.tpl (del), ext_uberwach.tpl (del), ext_update.tpl (del), ext_usage.tpl (del), ext_user.tpl (del), ext_validator.tpl (del), ext_wernis.tpl (del), ext_yoomedia.tpl (del)
quix0r 2010-05-28 17:58 Rev.: 4971

New (but broken) branch for upcoming expression language refacturing created

0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • branches/0.2.1-FINAL-expression_language_BROKEN/templates/de/html/ext: ext_validator.tpl (new)
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