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quix0r 2011-03-10 14:40 Rev.: 5476

Attempt to delete all directories of ex-maintainer

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • branches/maintainer/0.2.1-stelzi/Rev827/inc/loader: load_cache-config.php (del), load_cache-revision.php (del)
stelzi 2009-03-06 13:07 Rev.: 4014

Now getActualVersion() uses the cache-system if aktive, else it useses the .revision-file (the svn:ignore is necessary on this file to not get in trouble with userrights!!).

In cache-mode it re-searches the actual revision on the forced reload of the cache and if you add a "&check_revision_data=yes" to an URL.

To search for the proper revision (and other infos), every file needs the property svn:keywords to "Revision Date Author" (see autoprops for the SVN-Server in the SVN-manual to do this in the future automaticaly) and in every file (in the comment area and also in tpl-files) the svn:keywords $Revision$, $Date$ and $Author$ whitch get update by SVN on a commit of the file. The non-svn:keyword $Tag$ is also needed for propper infos. It also works with the $Revision:: $-Syntax for an propper layout in comments. For an example see the changes in functions.php around the lines 13 to 18. If an Author is not quix0r then the author is addet in uppercase to the Tag-value.

This System could easaly extended to more keywords (svn:keywords or not) in this format in the future. (different copyrights, teams, modules, extension-info, etc)

(Please also review my notes for API-changes in ext-cache.)

74 lines of code changed in 3 files:

  • branches/maintainer/0.2.1-stelzi/Rev827/inc/loader: load_cache-config.php (+7 -1), load_cache-revision.php (new 67)
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