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2011-03-10 14:40
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                                Folder removed from repo admin (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo beg (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo birthday (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo doubler (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo ext (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo guest (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo install (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo mailid (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo member (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo rallye (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo sponsor (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo surfbar (0 files, 0 lines)
                                Folder removed from repo task (0 files, 0 lines)

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quix0r 2011-03-10 14:40 Rev.: 5476

Attempt to delete all directories of ex-maintainer

0 lines of code changed in 42 files:

  • branches/maintainer/0.2.1-stelzi/Rev900/templates/de/html: .htaccess (del), agb.tpl (del), copyright.tpl (del), copyright_backlink.tpl (del), fatal_footer.tpl (del), fatal_header.tpl (del), header.tpl (del), impressum.tpl (del), index.tpl (del), index_forward.tpl (del), infos.tpl (del), lead_code.tpl (del), loader.tpl (del), login_failed_js.tpl (del), login_failtures.tpl (del), main-welcome.tpl (del), mediadata.tpl (del), mediadata_extra_hrow.tpl (del), mediadata_extra_row.tpl (del), mediadata_extra_row2.tpl (del), message.tpl (del), metadata.tpl (del), online_now.tpl (del), page_body.tpl (del), page_footer.tpl (del), page_header.tpl (del), profile-update.tpl (del), redirect_url.tpl (del), register_header.tpl (del), removeip_level.tpl (del), runtime_fatal_row.tpl (del), runtime_fatal_table.tpl (del), show_bonus.tpl (del), show_bonus_footer.tpl (del), show_bonus_header.tpl (del), show_bonus_msg.tpl (del), show_bonus_yr.tpl (del), show_timings.tpl (del), theme_one.tpl (del), theme_select_box.tpl (del), theme_select_form.tpl (del), welcome.tpl (del)
quix0r 2010-09-14 15:21 Rev.: 5324

SVN properties globally set

41 lines of code changed in 82 files:

  • branches/maintainer/0.2.1-stelzi/Rev900/templates/de/html: agb.tpl (new), copyright.tpl (+1), copyright_backlink.tpl (new), fatal_footer.tpl (new), fatal_header.tpl (+1), header.tpl (new), impressum.tpl (new), index.tpl (+1), index_forward.tpl (new), infos.tpl (new), lead_code.tpl (new), loader.tpl (new), login_failed_js.tpl (+1), login_failtures.tpl (+1), main-welcome.tpl (new), mediadata.tpl (new), mediadata_extra_hrow.tpl (new), mediadata_extra_row.tpl (+1), mediadata_extra_row2.tpl (+1), message.tpl (new), metadata.tpl (+1), online_now.tpl (+1), page_body.tpl (+1), page_footer.tpl (+1), page_header.tpl (new), profile-update.tpl (+1), redirect_url.tpl (+1), register_header.tpl (+1), removeip_level.tpl (+1), runtime_fatal_row.tpl (+1), runtime_fatal_table.tpl (new), show_bonus.tpl (new), show_bonus_footer.tpl (new), show_bonus_header.tpl (+1), show_bonus_msg.tpl (new), show_bonus_yr.tpl (new), show_timings.tpl (+1), theme_one.tpl (+1), theme_select_box.tpl (new), theme_select_form.tpl (+1), welcome.tpl (+1)
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